Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Did she really say "Free Tubes"???? YES I DID!!!! Everyone who donates between now and Dec 31st (whether just a buck or for one of my Donation Element Packs) will be eligible to win (3) free tubes of mine from MPT!!!! Each $1.00 will get you one entry into the raffle. So if you spend $3.00 on a donation element pack, you will also get your name entered (3) times into my raffle!!!! Other prizes may be added upon the amount of entries!!!

Thank you for your support and Good Luck to all you lucky entrants!

Friday, November 14, 2008

:::Recending Permissions:::

I have spent the last month trying to get "redistributions" of my artwork under control... Somehow people think that if it's free to use that means they can not only use it any way they want, but redistribute it and share it at any time with anyone regardless of my terms of use... So I am forced to disable my tube links and Recend permissions for my artwork.

It breaks my heart that this has happened over and over... and I now understand why even Kenny K had to go PTU. It's sad that people take advantage of the kindness of artists and pass images around willynilly... So I'm sorry, but sometimes a few apples do spoil the whole bunch. I'm so upset and heartbroken over this. I don't want to be this kind of artist! I never wanted to be... BUT a few people have forced my hand... So I'm sorry to all those who have followed the rules and now must be punished because of other peoples' complete and utter disregard for an artist's terms of use.

I will try to upload some of these images to MPT so that they can be used again by my wonderful fans! I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause. Trust me, as a tagger myself I completely understand. But I can't get this under control any other way.